Don’t just go through the motions…

ELEVATE SHABBOS is a meditation retreat for women presented by KavConnect Intl. and facilitated by Rav Doniel Katz, Founder and Director of the elevationproject.com.

During three days of experiential learning, workshops, prayer, meditation, and hisbodedus, you’ll gain tools and insights that will help you tap into the inherent deveikus, consciousness, mindfulness, power, and healing that Shabbos brings every week.

Starting Thursday afternoon, you'll arrive, settle in, and begin your ascent into quieting your mind and entering a place of inner stillness. You'll learn super potent tools to shed “this world” energy: traveling, to do lists, family arrangements, work, etc. and relax into that place of already whole, already still, already connected deveikus energy that accompanies the light of Shabbos. 

This is a priceless, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to leave behind your holy Shabbos preparations of working, cooking, cleaning, shopping, and hundreds of other important tasks, and discover/experience the distinct consciousness, energies, and opportunities that accompany every part of Shabbos, from its arrival at chatzos (noon) on Friday until its departure Saturday night.

Transformational Coach, Liba Markson, will help facilitate your journey into true connection with yourself, H-shem, and others. Female musicians will open your hearts and souls as you harmonize with the inspiring, beautiful surroundings and Shabbos. And event coordinator, Rochel Weiman, along with other talented staff, will be facilitating your retreat experience.

ELEVATE SHABBOS is just the beginning…

Nothing will be the same after experiencing and embracing Shabbos’ true depth and potential together with an incredible group of passionate women like yourself. You’ll leave cherishing your new intimacy with Shabbos, your new friends, and your new tools to slow down time, tune in, and welcome the Shabbos Queen from a place of stillness, connection, and understanding. A truly priceless gift!


Sample Workshops:

  • Welcome Circle with Wine and Cheese

  • Pre-Shabbos Meditation: Master Your Mind 

  • Hisbodedus: Awakening the Soul / Accessing a Deeper Place

  • Evening Meditation: Walking Under the Stars

  • Challah Experiential – Tap into the true power of hafrashas challah

  • Chatzos Transformation 

  • The Healing Energy of Shabbos – Learn how to raise your energy frequency to the vibration of Shabbos to heal your body and soul

  • Healing with Nigunim – Soul stirring songs that awaken the essence of who we are

  • Shabbos: Yishuv HaDaas

  • Lighting Candles: Greeting the Shabbos Queen 

  • The Kedusha of Eating; Accessing a grateful heart and a peaceful mind for abundant energy and health

  • Shabbos Tiyul Meditation

  • Crescendo Seuda Shelishis: Tap into the power of Shabbos' final moments

  • Havdala & Closing Malchus Circle

  • Drumming/Tambourine Circle and Melave Malka– therapeutic rhythm and high energy fun

SUNDAY, JAN 13 @ Aish Yerushalayim Details