Infused my whole life-and all its struggles and challenges-with pure, tangible, enduring Emunah & Bitachon

The Women's Emunah Mission to Israel, Jan 25 - Feb 1, was an off the beaten path, holy journey created for just that.

Mission participants spent a week immersing themselves in emunah Torah learning, spiritual healing, creative expression, transformational group experiences, and support from other like-minded women. And of course, fun.

Women had an opportunity to embrace themselves and connect to each other while openly learning, speaking, experimenting, and embodying emunah and bitachon. Through full immersion in Eretz Yisrael holiness, these concepts were probed and actualized in our daily lives. We wove them into our souls and expanded our greatness. We transformed ourselves into our most unique expressions of the divine.

Whew! Yet, that was only the beginning... when women came together with other beautiful, spiritual-seeking souls, in Israel, with the intention of growing and expanding their emunah and personal and spiritual development the possibilities and potential was exponential.

Whoever experienced the Emunah Mission has felt the uplift and tangible shift in their connection to H-shem, their soul, the Jewish People, and their own level of emunah.

In past trips, participants have returned to chutz l'aaretz feeling the let down and frantic attempt to hang on to that emunah feeling they felt in the Holy Land.

The Emunah Mission took a deeper dive into these potentials than just inspiration. We've combining tangible, Eretz Yisrael holiness, emunah learning, and uplift, with real transformation, spiritual healing, and loving support that shifted us and has accompanied us along the path we set for ourselves on this journey.

Please join us for this once in a lifetime journey into yourself and into the divine, in Eretz Yisrael. Contact Us to discover the next Emunah Mission.

Rochel WeimanComment