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Transformational Coach, Liba Markson, will help facilitate your journey into true connection with yourself, H-shem, and others.

Liba takes a passionate stand for women to fully become the person they came to this earth to be, which always leads to more money, better relationships, peaceful parenting, higher creativity, and deep self-love and acceptance.

No matter how hard the past has been, with Liba’s intuitive, nurturing support, women who have been struggling for years to find fulfillment, success, expression, health, wealth, love, and more become unrecognizable and unimaginable to their previous selves.

Having someone connect with your soul and hold you to its highest vision, while nurturing and refining your desires, healing and transforming your human experience, with deep honesty, responsibility, and passion, especially when you waiver and vacillate, is what Liba offers with her warm and wise presence and coaching.

Liba has been totally engaged with self-development, human potential, and holistic health for as long as she can remember. In addition to being a writer and editor, she’s been transforming women’s lives individually and in groups for almost 10 years (truthfully most of her life). She was born in Cleveland, Ohio and lived up and down the East Coast of the U.S. until she made Aliyah 16 years ago with her husband and children.

“I truly believe in us women, individually and collectively, and the power of the feminine to heal our world and bring the geula. And that those of us alive today are here for a high, holy purpose. We’re meant for great things. The challenges and crises we face on a daily basis are calling forth our gifts and genius and forcing us to dig deeper, reach further, and step into our power in a completely unprecedented way. We need to do this work and we need each other.

Liba can be reached at libamarkson@gmail.com and occasionally on Facebook.



Rochel Weiman will be facilitating your retreat experience.

Rochel is the Director of KavConnect, Intl., an international initiative that has brought women together for inspiring retreats for the past six years with the goal of giving each other chizuk, friendship and bonding.

Rochel coordinates and facilitates events to help women discover their own unique G-d-given gifts. Through these retreats, she facilitates group bonding which leaves the participants with lasting friendship and connections that allow for growth beyond the time and space of the retreat.

Rochel and Liba organically coordinated the program for Elevate Shabbos for women to take the time needed to refill their spiritual lives with the tools and insights that will help tap into the inherent mindfulness and healing that Shabbos brings to every day of the week.

She is the founder of EmunahMissions for women, bringing women to Eretz Israel from around the world for programs to connect and to deeply inspire them with the kedusha and wisdom of Israel. These trips develop unique opportunities to strengthen and enrich the lives of each participant.

Rochel spent her childhood in Massachusetts. She received her BFA in Graphic Design and Photography from The Cooper Union. Her photographs have been exhibited in galleries in New York City. She served as Art Director for The Orthodox Union and UX Design Director for other prominent companies in New York City.

Rochel has been involved in teaching Torah in New York City for many years. She integrates her knowledge of Torah into her art and nurtures the creative mind. Rochel established Emunah Art: Trusting Our Creative Self to develop an awareness and appreciation for our emuna-inspired creativity. Through her creative workshops, she facilitate women in expressing and strengthening their emunah and to discover their own unique potential in this world. Rochel can be reached at emunahworld@gmail.com

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Chava Rochel


Chava Rochel Saban will open your hearts and souls as you harmonize with the inspiring, beautiful surroundings and Shabbos.

A professionally trained classical violinist, Chava Rochel has performed all over the world since she was young: Europe, Scandinavia, and East Asia. At 18 she joined the New Haven Symphony while completing a Bachelors degree at Yale University. Chava Rochel also played in the Lausanne and Geneva Orchestras in Switzerland. In her early 20's a car accident halted her classical music career; however, her healing process guided her to singing and composing, belief in G-d and prayer, jazz, improvisation, and folk music. In her native town of S.F. she joined the After the End of the World Quartet, performing and recording with this experimental jazz ensemble. She recorded her first album, Eva Sola (1996), then created and toured with a multi- media performance piece, "the girl, the devil, her violin". After a two year period touring and studying Irish and Indian classical music, Chava Rochel settled in the land of my fathers, the land of Israel. Here her life began again as a Torah observant Jew. She married, raised a family, and continued writing music, performing and teaching.

Chava Rochel began composing original songs to the Psalms and other prayers, and recorded 7 more albums: Seeds or Dust, Yimale, Tetze Pua, B’Kashti, Ein Yeush, and Tshuva. Performances take her all over the country; weddings, women's gatherings, and music festivals such as the Moshav Country Fair, Tambourine Dream, and concerts in Moscow, Russia with her favorite music partner Tziona Achishena.

"Halleluhu" is her latest project.

“In it I pray will be the continuation of my goal to perform uplifting music that inspires one to direct one’s heart to G-d, to dance, and to spread the light and name of Rebbe Nachman, to hasten the final redemption.”

Chava Rochel can be reached at chava@nanach.name. For more info see https://www.havarahel.com/