Emunah Day

For the merit of a loved one:
A powerful, rare, historic opportunity
Jan 13th 2019

Available - Gold $2500

TAKEN - diamond $5000

Imagine the merit that the historic Emunah Day learning could give your loved one,
whether for illui nishmas, refuah shleimah, zera shel kayamah, zivug hegyion, or any zechus you desire. 

What makes this a once in a lifetime opportunity is that for the first time ever,
some of Israel's most beloved Emunah-Torah teachers are uniting to teach
the holy women of Jerusalem, just seconds away from the makom hakodesh,
to inspire and ignite our emunah and yearning for geulah.

Act now. Don't miss this rare and powerful opportunity.

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 1.58.26 PM.png

They will be prominently displayed at Aish hatorah world center in the old city, jerusalem
on Emunah Day January 13th.

Imagine what the power of this learning could do for your loved ones, how happy you could make them when they achieve their heart's desire, or as an illui nishmas in honor of a yarzheit, shloshim, or as an extra elevation.

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