“My world changed forever”

I had such a wonderful Shabbat! I saw movement, change, love and bonding and I experienced Hashem in such a deep way through you all that my world changed forever. This Shabbat I could go  to a place of menucha that was beyond words... I don't even know you but I felt  a connection and love for all of you. Thank you for making me part of you all

[Chaya, Yavniel]

Rochel Weiman
Singing the niggun of hafrashat challah

I will always remember the bracha we sang together with Chava Rochal Saban at the Friday morning hafrashat challah. It played over and over in my mind when I have quiet moments. It totally centered me and made me feel calm and connected!  I’ve discovered it’s to be a great technique to keep oneself in hitkashrut!


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Post-Shabbos musings

LB: Let's all practice hitkashrut v'hitkallalut for a few moments after we light. Stand before the candles and connect our consciousness together, daven that we all can connect to shabbat, to Hashem, to each other, to klal Yisroel, and tap back into our Shabbos together last week. I wonder how that will feel.

MY Yesssss Binding our souls and consciousness

CRC Yes Higher and Higher See you all up in the higher realms

SK And for those of us in different time zones... we'll open our arms to receive your blessings when we light! BEH!

LM You just connect through your intention, through your meditative mind

MT Hashem isn't limited by time or space. Our Neshamas are all in the same place and same time zone! LM: I feel like I'm racing to finish making shabbos to connect...not just to rest it finish.

MT Wow!!! That's awesome!

RD Wow!!

SK: Yes, there is definitely power in communal prayer , even if not congregated at the same place.

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I’ve never been in a group of people so different from one another so unified!

We’re all in this together, despite our separate ness and I keep telling my family how I’ve never been in a group of people so different from one another and by the end, so unified!

YES...this is what will bring the GEULA...the unification thats found in accepting and loving our differences

This is our story.... of the Jewish people ... a soft heart for ourselves, Hashem, each other, holiness, goodness.


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The music was transcendent

The meditative moments of hafrashat challah with Chava Rochel Saban has infused my sense of this special mitzvah with meaning and vitality. The music was transcendent. It took me to a place my thoughts and feelings could not reach. It was kind of a safe place from the intellectual pressure I was feeling to face all my fears. In some ways it opened me up to just that experience.

[Rochel, NYC]

Rochel WeimanComment
Living with a great presence and... aliveness!

I really am so grateful for the changes I feel in myself. I realized that since living in a settlement with the hostility and threats as a part of my daily life, I have been dealing with these challenges by armoring myself and living in survival mode much of the time. Since the retreat I have let go of these defenses and simply feel myself living with a great presence and... aliveness! I returned home to an outbreak of measles and was able to deal with it all with calm and ease – in the past I would have been breaking down inside but forcing myself to cope. Love to you all and our singing together is a precious amazing gift I will keep with me always.


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Daaaas on Shabbat kodesh!

A sharing of how to have daveikus and yishuv v daat daily ....and da-da-da-da-daaaa on Shabbat kodesh!

Based on meditation imparted by Rav Katz on the retreat. B Shem Shamayim

May our souls dance and sing with Miriam as the sea splits and the revelation and elevation of our love and oneness be very clear to all of us this shabbos.

[Devorah Hadassah, Tiverya]

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Slow walking

In the slow walking after gazing into our partner's eyes, I noticed gorgeous purple lilies in the middle of thick tall green grasses. I was so taken with them, I never would have noticed them if I wasn't walking so slowly and mindfully. I loved those little purple lilies at that time- like real palpable love for them, for their life, and for them shyly showing themselves to me. I was so honored to be in their world of beauty.

[Sara, Bersheva]

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Draw upon moments from elevateshabbos

I was thinking that as we come into shabbos… many of us will experience different things - especially after  what we experienced and connected to last shabbos. I was thinking that when our thoughts take us to negative things, we can divert ourselves and try to draw upon moments from elevateshabbos- to bring it down and make it present, which according to Rav Katz, Kabbalalistically, we actually can :-).

So... see you all in my head and heart and machshavas this shabbos!


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Just one authentic shabbos experience could really change me...

I had an exceptionally challenging week... It was a real gift because it highlighted for me how much just one authentic shabbos experience could really change me... I would have handled things very differently just a few days ago before this retreat. IY”H we should all have the ability to easily tap into the reservoir of strength and clarity that we all now know we come from …

[Rivka, RBS]

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Where is everyone rushing to?

I've been moving slowly all day, not just physically but internally. Feeling like where is everyone rushing to? Noticing that people move so fast. Looking at their beautiful faces and seeing their light. Last night a woman yelled at me at the gas station because I was taking too long....it was a rent a car and I didn't know how to open the gas tank. I literally just looked at her and felt complete compassion for her wanting to get her gas and get home....I don't know if my smile helped or annoyed her but it was all I could do.

[Liba, RBS]

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Becoming Shabbos.

Beautiful Holy Soul Sisters... It is with a heart full of joy and soul purpose that I say Toda Raba (thank you!!) Liba and Rochel for this precious  Elevate Shabbos experience!!  My prayer is that the soul connections last a lifetime and then some. I know how excited we all are to share what we have just learned and experienced at this amazingly impactful  Shabbaton and yet we are all aware it will be difficult to express.  May I suggest we just model the behavior... By becoming Shabbos...  Expressing how we "popped" and/or "melted" a middah by being the example of the result in action…. scheduling time for tapping into devekus, modeling our own Torah Elevation meditations and learnings and here's a powerful one...  by blessing our food with more daas (consciousness).  Inspiring all this goodness into our family and friends lives one sprinkling of an ingredient at a time will allow the energetic footprint of all we experienced and learned to enter into our loved ones hearts more organically.  At the Shabbos table incorporating the blessing game (even if everyone doesn't participate) is a great way to Elevate Shabbos!!  Enjoy the journey my friends...

[Chana Rus, Jerusalem]

Rochel WeimanComment
Amazing energy that comes when surfing devekius and tapping into soul purpose

May we be blessed with the inspiration and energy to do our part in sharing what we have learned through Rav Katz to bring on the Great Shabbat. Least we feel overwhelmed or that there is no time in our busy lives...  It's a common conversation in the Elevation Program that there's such amazing energy that comes when surfing devekius and tapping into soul purpose that we find we can depend on more stamina and clarity in abundance!


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The power of daas/shabbos filtering into our lives

I want to share an experience about the power of daas/shabbos filtering into our lives... As part of my healing after loosing my mother last year I began doing pottery in a workshop. I knew I needed to get back into adama. I have struggled to  work the wheel for a long time. Today was like magic, without even trying I was drawn back into yishuv hadass and everything flowed beautifully, all my pots were even, better and bigger then I have ever been able to do. When you are there everything just flows..... even my prayers were different today. The power of daas ladies, we have to keep it going we will change the world. A few minutes everyday, get yourself there,  it’s so powerful, it’s life and it’s beautiful.

[Chana Leah, RBS]

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The world feels different when you’re in Shabbos mindset

I also didn’t realize how different the world feels when you’re in Shabbos mindset. I came back to Jerusalem and felt like I was in this beautiful slow bubble. I was moving so slow today - felt like - why are we rushing? Everything is okay. We don’t have to rush to be non-stop busy. We can accomplish tremendously in quiet stillness because we see everything more clearly.


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 Inescapable Shabbos Consciousness

 Inescapable Shabbos consciousness. It's where we came from and where we're headed with a brief interlude in the heavy stuff. And surrounded by your Shabbos tribe.

I don't want to lose touch with all of you. You are in my heart. May the light and love we shared grow like new buds blossoming on the almond trees this Tu b'shvat. May we continue to grow together bringing the geulah.

[Hannah Sarah Zeller, Efrat]

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Our neshamas are actually interconnected

Spiritual download on the way to Jerusalem. As we drove through the countryside from Sde Eliezer to Jerusalem, the beauty of the greenery, trees, shrubs and all that has been built since the return of the Jewish people to our land was overwhelming. We were talking about how much has been planted and what is now growing and developed. The following thought came to mind. It says that when the Jewish people return to the land, it will blossom. I was thinking about the neshama yesira and how we connected with plants and trees on Shabbat. I also feel so connected to the land when I am here, like I am a part of it. It occurred to me, that we are actually connected to the flora, fauna and adama here in Israel. Our neshamas are actually interconnected, and that’s why Israel blossoms and blooms for us when we are here. As absurd as it might sound to try to connect with a tree... you can see with your eyes that there is physical evidence that the trees and land, earth and sky here are truly connected to our souls and ours to its...  just a little thought while driving home.

[Susan Eklove, Toronto]

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