Becoming Shabbos.

Beautiful Holy Soul Sisters... It is with a heart full of joy and soul purpose that I say Toda Raba (thank you!!) Liba and Rochel for this precious  Elevate Shabbos experience!!  My prayer is that the soul connections last a lifetime and then some. I know how excited we all are to share what we have just learned and experienced at this amazingly impactful  Shabbaton and yet we are all aware it will be difficult to express.  May I suggest we just model the behavior... By becoming Shabbos...  Expressing how we "popped" and/or "melted" a middah by being the example of the result in action…. scheduling time for tapping into devekus, modeling our own Torah Elevation meditations and learnings and here's a powerful one...  by blessing our food with more daas (consciousness).  Inspiring all this goodness into our family and friends lives one sprinkling of an ingredient at a time will allow the energetic footprint of all we experienced and learned to enter into our loved ones hearts more organically.  At the Shabbos table incorporating the blessing game (even if everyone doesn't participate) is a great way to Elevate Shabbos!!  Enjoy the journey my friends...

[Chana Rus, Jerusalem]

Rochel WeimanComment