Our neshamas are actually interconnected

Spiritual download on the way to Jerusalem. As we drove through the countryside from Sde Eliezer to Jerusalem, the beauty of the greenery, trees, shrubs and all that has been built since the return of the Jewish people to our land was overwhelming. We were talking about how much has been planted and what is now growing and developed. The following thought came to mind. It says that when the Jewish people return to the land, it will blossom. I was thinking about the neshama yesira and how we connected with plants and trees on Shabbat. I also feel so connected to the land when I am here, like I am a part of it. It occurred to me, that we are actually connected to the flora, fauna and adama here in Israel. Our neshamas are actually interconnected, and that’s why Israel blossoms and blooms for us when we are here. As absurd as it might sound to try to connect with a tree... you can see with your eyes that there is physical evidence that the trees and land, earth and sky here are truly connected to our souls and ours to its...  just a little thought while driving home.

[Susan Eklove, Toronto]

Rochel WeimanComment