Post-Shabbos musings

LB: Let's all practice hitkashrut v'hitkallalut for a few moments after we light. Stand before the candles and connect our consciousness together, daven that we all can connect to shabbat, to Hashem, to each other, to klal Yisroel, and tap back into our Shabbos together last week. I wonder how that will feel.

MY Yesssss Binding our souls and consciousness

CRC Yes Higher and Higher See you all up in the higher realms

SK And for those of us in different time zones... we'll open our arms to receive your blessings when we light! BEH!

LM You just connect through your intention, through your meditative mind

MT Hashem isn't limited by time or space. Our Neshamas are all in the same place and same time zone! LM: I feel like I'm racing to finish making shabbos to connect...not just to rest it finish.

MT Wow!!! That's awesome!

RD Wow!!

SK: Yes, there is definitely power in communal prayer , even if not congregated at the same place.

Rochel WeimanComment