The power of daas/shabbos filtering into our lives

I want to share an experience about the power of daas/shabbos filtering into our lives... As part of my healing after loosing my mother last year I began doing pottery in a workshop. I knew I needed to get back into adama. I have struggled to  work the wheel for a long time. Today was like magic, without even trying I was drawn back into yishuv hadass and everything flowed beautifully, all my pots were even, better and bigger then I have ever been able to do. When you are there everything just flows..... even my prayers were different today. The power of daas ladies, we have to keep it going we will change the world. A few minutes everyday, get yourself there,  it’s so powerful, it’s life and it’s beautiful.

[Chana Leah, RBS]

Rochel WeimanComment